Solar Thermal Solution

Solar Thermal Solution Company in India

Elevated Tube Collector System :-

It has a design consisting of two glass layers that create a vacuum between them. This insulation helps to prevent heat loss and allows the system to perform well in various conditions. The evacuated tubes also have passive tracking capabilities, making them a great option for both commercial and residential applications.

Flat plate collector system :-

A tool that harnesses solar energy to warm a coolant, which can then be utilized in households to heat water or homes. Although Flat Plate Solar Collectors are an older technology for Solar Water Heating Systems, they remain the most effective and dependable option available today. The performance of these collectors is heavily influenced by the choice of materials and design elements, as they must be able to operate effectively in a wide range of environmental conditions. Waasol has opted for top-quality materials to guarantee reliable and efficient operation, as well as the durability of the collectors.